Portrait of Apollo 9 Crew

Space Mission
Apollo 9, 18 December 1968


Photo Description
Vintage “Red Number” chromogenic color photograph, 10″ x 8″ print. On Kodak fiber-based paper bearing the “A Kodak Paper” watermark on the verso.

Portrait of the Apollo 9 prime crew in their space suits. From left to right they are: Commander, James A. McDivitt, Command Module pilot, David R. Scott, and Lunar Module pilot, Russell L. Schweickart. The Apollo 9 mission was designed to test the Apollo Command/Service and Lunar Modules in Earth orbit. The purpose was to verify that the Command/Service Module (CSM) could successfully dock with the Lunar Module (LM). The mission was also to test the LM systems in a “free flying” attitude to ensure that it performed as per specifications.