George Low with Kurt Debus and Rocco Petrone at the Launch Control’s blockhouse at Complex 34 at Cape Kennedy

Space Mission
Apollo 7, October 1968

NASA / Unidentified Photographer

Photo Description
Vintage gelatin silver print on fiber-based paper, 20.3 x 25.4cm (8 x 10in), with Technicolor Quality Control stamp and NASA KSC caption numbered “116- KSC-68P-383” on the verso

[NASA caption] Kurt Debus, left, KSC director, discusses proceedings of the Apollo 7 flight readiness test in blockhouse at Complex 34 with George Low, center, manager of the Apollo Program spacecraft office at the MSC and Rocco Petrone, launch operations director at KSC.

In August 1968 George Low proposed the bold idea to send the following Apollo 8 mission to the Moon. Apollo 7 was the crucial test before the first lunar voyage.