First US Spacewalk: views of Ed White returning to the spacecraft at the end of the EVA

Space Mission
Gemini IV, June 3-7, 1965, orbit 3

Taken by a 16mm McDonnell motion picture camera mounted by Ed White on outside of the spacecraft

Photo Description
Vintage chromogenic print on fiber-based Kodak paper, 20.3 x 25.4cm (8 x 10in), NASA KSC caption numbered “104-KSC-65PC-82” and “A Kodak Paper” watermarks on the verso

“During the third orbit of Earth, Ed White opened the hatch of the capsule, pushed himself out and floated in space 135 miles above the planet for 21 minutes. ‘I was taking some big steps,’ said White. From the moment he stepped outside to his reclosing of the hatch, White’s seven-league boots covered some 6,000 miles” (National Geographic, September 1965, p. 443).

This view was captured by the 16mm camera (whose shadow appears on the open hatch door at lower right) that White had mounted outside the spacecraft just before his EVA.

From the mission transcript during the EVA:

004:46:55 McDivitt: How are you doing there?
004:46:56 White: I’m doing great. […]
004:47:12 McDivitt: The spacecraft really looks like it’s outgassing because all the -whenever a little piece of dirt or something goes by it always heads for the door and goes right on out.
004:47:26 McDivitt: Okay, let’s –oops, take it easy now. Take it easy.
004:47:30 White: ….. I’m standing on top of it, right now.
004:47:52 McDivitt: Okay, ready on top. Come on in. […]
004:47:51 White: Yeah ….. now.
004:47:56 McDivitt: Okay.
004:47:56 White: It’s no sweat. Actually, I’m trying to get a better picture.
004:47:58 McDivitt No, come on in.
004:48:00 White I’m trying to get a picture of the spacecraft now.
004:48:02 McDivitt: Ed, come on in here!
004:48:05 White: All right. Let me fold the camera and put the gun tip