Extremely rare unpublished photograph of the Blue Marble

Space Mission
Apollo 17, 7-19 December 1972

Harrison Schmitt

Photo Description
intage chromogenic print on fiber-based Kodak paper
8 h × 10 w in (20 × 25 cm); Numbered to upper margin ‘NASA AS17-148-22732’ with ‘A Kodak Paper’ watermarks to verso

This fantastic photograph shows the full Earth shot by Harrison Schmitt through the 80mm lens at a distance of approximately 45,000 km out in space, about one hour after the Blue Marble. “At first, we were too close to see the full Earth but rapidly Madagascar, then South Africa, then all of Africa dominated the view out of the windows of the Command Module America. The view expanded quickly until the nearly full Earth filled the large hatch window and finally, not even that.”
—Harrison Schmitt (Jacobs, pg. 126)