Celebrations in Mission Control after the successful conclusion of the most perilous journey of the entire Apollo program

Space Mission
Apollo 13, 17 April 1970

NASA / Unidentified Photographer

Photo Description
Vintage gelatin silver print on fiber-based paper; Numbered to verso ‘S-70-35148’ with NASA KSC caption.
8 h × 10 w in (20 × 25 cm)

Exchanges of congratulatory remarks, handshaking and cigar were all part of the post-recovery environment in the Mission Control room.
NASA administrator Thomas Paine (center), former Apollo Program Director Samuel Phillips (left), associate NASA administrator George Low (right) and other NASA officials applaud the successful splashdown of the Apollo 13 mission, joining millions of Americans and persons over the world.

“To get Apollo 13 home would require a lot of innovation. Most of the material written about our mission describes the ground-based activities, and I certainly agree that without the splendid people in Mission Control, and their backups, we’d still be up there.”
—James Lovell (NASA SP-350, pg. 13.2)